Trailblazing London Silverbacks enter the GMFL

In 2004 the Silverbacks were formed to bring top notch NFL rules tackle football to Canadian athletes and fans. As the sole Canadian entry, in what was then the world's largest football league, the Silverbacks took great pride in the responsibility they assumed in accepting such a challenge. Since that time the Silverbacks have provided hundreds of men unmatched opportunities. These opportunities have helped more than 50 players to sign pro contracts in both North America and Europe including through the team's Canadian Football League's affiliate the Toronto Argonauts. Each passing year the team knew they must continue to raise the bar and feel strongly that with a move to the Great Midwest Football League (GMFL) they are doing exactly that and setting the stage for great new challenges and opportunities for success.

After an exhaustive search and numerous conversations with leagues and teams of great quality it eventually became clear the right choice for the Silverbacks was the GMFL. Its structure, stability, organizational plan and philosophy perfectly mirrored London's dedication to providing a quality product with a family first attitude. The GMFL provides its family members (the teams) opportunities of mutual benefit with a voice in shaping the league's future and an atmosphere of accountability by ownership and the league that are keys to success and longevity.

As a member of the GMFL the Silverbacks will enjoy their best road schedule in many years with five teams within two hours of travel and more than 40 teams from Ontario, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Missouri for a league title September 17 in Chicago, a top-notch all-star weekend and a chance to compete in an inter-league Semi-Pro BCS championship series.

The 2011 regular season will kick-off June 4 and we welcome all members of our Silverbacks family to join us in what will be the next great phase of the team's history as part of the Great Midwest Football League!

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