Silverbacks Going to Vegas

This Saturday the London Silverbacks will travel to Las Vegas to play the Baltimore Bay Atlantic Sharks in the NAFL1 secondary championships. This game will have historical significance as the Silverbacks will be the first Canadian team to compete in the worlds largest football league championship.

After some discussion to have the game in London the decision was made Monday morning (Nov. 5) to have the game in Las Vegas leaving the team scrambling to make arrangements. As well, the small budget amateur team is now knocking on doors of local corporations to ask for any support to offset the cost of this trip which will run in excess of $20k and ensure the best representation possible both as the number one seed and as the sole bearers of the Maple Leaf in such a major event.

What: North American Football League (NAFL) championship
When: Saturday, November 10 2pm
Where: Las Vegas, Nevada
Who: London Silverbacks vs. Baltimore Bay Atlantic Sharks
This will be the first ever meeting between the two clubs.