Silverbacks last stand at Labatt Park

Cheerleaders and fans will be sporting cowboy hats, boots and other old west accessories as the team kicks off its final game at Labatt Park with a country and western theme before riding off in to the sunset to more conventional fields of play.

When the Silverbacks stepped on to Labatt Park's turf for their first home game of the season it marked the first time in about 30 years that football had been played at the historic baseball stadium.

The London Lords were the last major club to play at this historic park and many fathers and sons have had the chance to relive those days while other families have had the chance of creating new and unique memories of their own to continue the legend for the years to come.

On August 25 when the final whistle blows it will mark the closing this chapter on football at Labatt Park, possibly for another 30 years.

London Silverbacks vs. Genesee County Patriots Kickoff 7:00pm Half-time performance by Mike and PJ Sloan from Ruth's Hat