Come Excel with us

Do you have a knack with a camera? Do you have the ability to make crowds rise to their feet and cheer? Here's your chance to let your talents shine in a professional family atmosphere focused on fun and entertainment to make every Silverbacks football game an event to remember.

To make game day a great and rewarding success for everyone takes alot of time and manpower by enthusiastic quality individuals. If you have a talent you'd like to utilize and/or develop, a specialty or hobby that can help to make a team in it's daily operation or just simply have some free time and would like to get involved please contact us. It takes individuals like you to help the Silverbacks reach their full potential.

Current openings:

Sales people: Individuals willing and able to assist in the sales of tickets, both season and single game, as well as group and corporate packages.

Marketing: Help spread the word and create a viable strategy to showcase a top-notch, highly entertaining sporting event.

Game day support staff: To maximize the fan experience at every Silverbacks game requires the teamwork of numerous people from those receiving and selling tickets at the gate, to helping run the various games that take place, distribution of prizes, and unit coordinators.

Public Announcer: Feel that you have a voice that just must be heard? A voice that can keep the crowd in the moment? We have a place for you! Lead the Silverbacks faithful on the wonderful journey that is game night in London when you hit the mike under the lights.

Anthem singer: Can your voice inspire true patriot love when it rings strong and free? Then we need you. Game night just would not be the same without someone continuing the tradition of a live rendition of the anthems to kick off the event.

Assistant coach: Do you know your x's and o's, love the game, believe in showcasing to the rest of North America the true talent of Canadian ball players and are looking for the opportunity to work in a professional atmosphere teaching football the way it should be taught? Sign up now and enjoy the opportunity of a lifetime as you embark in a rare and rewarding coaching experience.

Miscellaneous: The above are just a sampling of the opportunities available within the London Silverbacks Football family. If you want to get involved and have something to contribute (listed here or not) please contact us and see how we can get you involved.