Frequently Asked Questions

This page has been created to help answer the more Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a question not answered here please send the question to

Q: In what league do the Silverbacks compete?

A: The world's largest, the North American Football league.

Q: By what rules does this league play?

A: The NAFL is primarily NFL rules football.

Q: What is the age restriction/requirement to play in this league?

A: The league rule is a player must be 18+

Q: This age overlaps with a couple other programs in the city, how do you plan to compete with them for players?

A: We are very happy to hear this question (it is one of the more commonly asked questions) because it shows a sense of interest and concern about the programs in our community which is one of the reasons London was picked as the site for this team. In short, we do not plan to compete with these teams for players within the London area. We are a community and family first program who see these other teams as part of our extended family. We would much rather work with these teams to promote and create a thriving football environment that is beneficial for all.

Q: You have TD Waterhouse listed as your home field, this is a field with CFL dimensions, what adjustments or alterations are being made to accommodate this team?

A: We have received permission from the league to play with modified dimensions to match NFL width guidelines.

Q: Where will our road games take place?

A: Most all road games will take place in the United States at the home field of our opponent. Currently most of the other teams in our division are in Michigan but in the playoffs travel will expand to include other states, hopefully ending in Florida.

Q: How much will each of these trips cost me, the player?

A: All transportation will be covered by the team, as well as hotel rooms where necessary. The initial player fee will cover part of this cost.

Q: Is it likely hotel rooms will be necessary?

A: Yes. At this point we hope to have at least one overnight game.

Q: Will we need to buy insurance?

A: Insurance coverage will be provided for all games played within Canada (approximately 6 to 7 games) and we are investigating the cost for insurance coverage while in the USA.

Q: You have mentioned a player fee. Does every player pay this and how much will it be?

A: Yes, every player will pay this fee to become a member of the team. We are proud to announce that the fee has been significantly reduced since 2004. The 2006 player fee is $180 ($150 +$30 tryout fee) with many opportunities for players to offset this cost through sponsorship and other initiatives.

Q: Why do I have to pay this fee and what will it cover?

A: By paying this fee each participant will become a member of The London Silverbacks, Ontario Tackle Football and Football Canada and it also applies to team travel expenses, insurance and does not include the provision of your base equipment.

Q: The home page lists that the team is still looking for coaches, how does one apply?

A: Send your resume to and be sure to include your name, phone number where you can be reached, email address, your previous experience and any other information you feel may be pertinent.

Q: I have been out of football for a few years and while I have an interest to play may not be in my best condition, should I still enter the tryouts?

A: Absolutely (this is another very common question/concern). These tryouts are intended primarily to set a base line measurement of each potential player to give an idea where the player may need to work and where the coaches will need to focus. It is not entirely an issue of where you are at now but where the staff feels you can be come game day. The time trials, bench press etc will not make or break you, come out and have fun.

Q: How many tryouts will there be and do I have to pay each time?

A: There are two open tryouts. The fee you pay at your first tryout will cover all others you wish to attend so feel free to come out multiple times to meet with our potential players and improve your results if you feel the desire.

Q: What is the fee to tryout?

A: The 2006 fee is $25 if you pre-register online. $30 if you wait to register at the time of the tryout.